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Precious Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Taking good care of your jewelry will keep your treasures beautiful and long lasting.

Gold, diamond and other gemstone jewelry can appear to lose its sparkle if not cleaned on a regular basis. Lotions and soaps put a film on jewelry and reduce its luster. A soak in mixture of a mild detergent and warm water will help remove build up and debris. Use a soft brush or clothe to aid in the cleaning. silver jewelry can be cleaned with a sliver polishing cloth.

Avoid wearing your jewelry while doing rough jobs or working out. Also avoid wearing your jewelry in heavily chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Store your jewelry in a manner that protects it from coming into contact with hard surfaces or other items that may scratch or ding your valued treasures.

jewelry-care-bottom Let us professionally clean and inspect for wear, loose stones or breakage. Preventative care can avoid costly loss or major repairs later on.