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Jennifer & Aaron

Creators of beautiful jewerly


Jennifer has always had a love for arts and crafts.  She has an extensive history of learning skills that produce things that she is proud of.  Just a few of her talents learned over the years include glassblowing, stained glass, woodworking and ceramics.

In fact, she spent ten years hand painting tiles and traveling to art festivals all over the southeast.  Jennifer also has a strong mathematical background.  She graduated from Jacksonville University with a BS in Math and Physics.

When the industry began to use CAD/CAM to create jewelry, Jennifer was the ideal choice to learn the system.  Her artistic background and her strong analytical side combine to make an excellent AutoCAD engineer.

Working closely with Aaron and other jewelers, she strives to make unique and viable custom waxes for her customers. Opening a studio together with her husband is a perfect marriage of Jennifer and Aaron’s skills.  Working together with customers she helps design and create a unique and original piece that they can cherish for a lifetime.


Aaron’s path in the jewelry business began before he was even born when his father, Chad Ramoutar, left his native Trinidad for Ireland in search of becoming a master jeweler.

There Chad created a small jewelry empire including several retail jewelry stores and large manufacturing facility.  When Aaron was born he was groomed to be in the family business. He made his first wedding band when he was just six years old.

When his family moved to America in the mid-eighties, Aaron worked with his family manufacturing Claddagh jewelry and honing his skills under the tutelage of his father.

Since then, Aaron has had the privilege of working with some of the finest jewelers in the business and has developed his skills over years of hard work.  Aaron not only worked the bench but learned how to work with customers at a very young age.

A life of experience in the jewelry industry has taught him how listening to a customer’s needs can guarantee a happy and successful outcome. He strives to make a real connection with his customers.